Permanent Pieces. Slow Fashion made in Chile and Perú.

SISA is a fashion studio founded in 2012 creating collections inspired in Art, Architecture and Design, disciplines in which the three founders have specialized.

SISA aims to create a feminine look for women in search of functional and understated luxury. We prioritize the design process, through rigorous technical design and choosing quality fabrics and materials such as silk, pima cotton, alpaca and tencel, thus creating limited edition collections.

The creative process of each garment follows a consistent path where concepts are drawn and analyzed, tracing relationships with other disciplines so as to generate content and part ways with fleeting fashion trends. Throughout each production SISA’s purpose is to evolve towards becoming a conscious brand, incorporating unique sizes with a contemporary fit, manufacturing in Chile and Latin America and working directly with artisans.

SISA has also developed wardrobes for diverse artistic expressions such as opera and contemporary dance, expanding their creative exchange, learning and experimenting.


Alejandra Cruz studied Art at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae, specializing in engravings. She holds a Degree in Fashion Design at Barcelona’s Universidad de Elisava specializing in pattern construction.

Elisa Rodríguez studied Architecture at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae. She holds a masters degree in Architecture at Santiago’s Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the application of pattern construction in representing architectural plans being the focus of her thesis.

Trinidad Rodríguez studied Design at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae specializing in interior and industrial design. She worked as a designer at the Chilean design firm Sumo, which focuses in museography.