What we believe




SISA was created 9 years ago by a small, multidisciplinary team of women, with the premise of designing garments that can be worn and rediscovered year after year. Avoiding temporary trends, we make pieces that build on each woman’s personal story over time, since we understand that luxury resides in what remains over time; what can be inherited, what allows to be cared for.


Local manufacturing is our driving force

Our collections are developed in Chile and Perú, allowing us to maintain close relationships with the people we work with, from suppliers and workshops to photographers and producers. We work directly with local craftsmen to create garments and accessories that are made responsibly, using materials of natural origins that preserve their practical qualities and subtly manifest the passage of time. Everything that surrounds our pieces, including packaging and labels, is made in Chile.

The construction of each garment is dedicated and handcrafted: they are made one at a time. We have thus been able to grow consciously, separated from the conventions of an industry that often remains immutable in the face of overstock and waste generation.

Our prospective sustainability strategy involves quantifying our current actions and defining concrete future actions to minimize negative social and environmental impact, and also aims to maximize our positive impact. For these purposes, SISA is currently in the process of evaluating its social and environmental footprint through the B Impact Assessment protocol.


We aim to share SISA with a creative and experimental outlook

Starting from our first collection we have learned the value of showcasing our work in the most authentic and resourceful way possible, through campaigns that present a creative and experimental viewpoint stemming from our academic backgrounds: art, design, and architecture. We are proud to have launched #SISAmadebyme, a campaign in which we shared the sewing pattern of one of our pieces under a Creative Commons license, as well as our Teatinos campaign, which was the result of a collaboration that combined dance, heritage architecture, photography and costume design.

We have also had the opportunity to design clothing for diverse artistic expressions, such as opera and contemporary dance, thereby expanding our creative exchange and experimentation.

Since 2016 we have featured women who veer off from the stereotypes favored by the fashion industry, and often aren’t professional models. They contribute to our visual story with their own vision of our work.


We care about what you think

An integral part of our process is the relationship we cultivate with our clients. We know they are mostly women who favor conscious purchases and adhere to the values of slow fashion.

We aim to constantly rethink our design process as it relates to Chile and Latin America, therefore, we value your opinion. Tell us about your experience or write to us atcontacto@shopsisa.com.




Alejandra Cruz studied Art at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae, specializing in engravings. She holds a degree in Fashion Design from Barcelona’s Universidad de Elisava specializing in pattern construction.

Elisa Rodríguez studied Architecture at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae. She holds a masters degree in Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the application of pattern construction in representing architectural plans being the focus of her thesis.

Trinidad Rodríguez studied Design at Santiago’s Universidad Finis Terrae specializing in interior and industrial design. She worked as a designer at the Chilean design firm Sumo, which focuses in museography.